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Backpacking Equipment » Essential Travel Kit

  Essential Travel Kit



In this factsheet we outline the essential pieces of kit we think you should take and why!

1) Hybrid Travelbag (£49.99-149.99)

Even though these can be the most expensive types of bags they have loads more features and will last for years. A detachable daysack means you can take the essentials and your valuables away during the day and leave the rest in your accommodation. You can also zip away your rucksack straps to protect them during flights. They also open sideways so its much easier to access and store your belongings.

2) Maglite Torch AAA (£13.99-£15.99)

A torch is an essential accessory for travelling. From fnding your toothbrush in a hostel to avoiding snakes on your way to the dunny it'll come in handy trust us! Maglite make the best torches in the world. They are shockproof and waterproof and used by the armed forces. The AA version is compact but large enough to give you a good battery life. It also has a great candle feature where it will self stand and give light hands free.

3) Travel Towel (£9.99- £19.99)

Taking a regular towel in your luggage will mean you won't have space for much else. It will also take ages to dry and probably start to smell if you leave it in your bag! Travel towels are developed to be much more compact, dry faster and many now have an antibacterial treatment which stops them rotting or smelling. A great investment for extra space and good smells!

4) Money Belt (£2.99- £9.99)

One thing you really don't want to do on your trip is lose your tickets or passport. A money belt means you can keep them close to hand next to your body. It also stops thieves getting their hands on them!

5) Travel Sewing Kit (£1.99 - £4.99)

A great little kit for fixing clothes when a tiger attacks you or you get attached to your rucksack zips. Also very useful in case you get problem with rucksack straps or your baggage in general. Failing that you could so some cross stitching.

6) Document Wallet (£5.99 - £14.99)

There is nothing worse than rifling through your dirty clothes in your bag as someone stands over you demanding your passport. Solve this embarrasing problem by storing your documents in a handy wallet. They will last longer as well!

7) Combination Luggage Lock (£1.99-£5.99)

Getting a lock that secures the zips on your bag will keep away would be thieves on buses and in hostels. Remember if you are going to the USA to get a TSA approved one. We would also recommend a combination one as its much easier to remember a number and if you lose your keys you are scuppered!!

8) Travellers First Aid Kit (£1.99 - £19.99)

A health essential this one. You should take a basic first aid kit wherever you are heading. If you are heading to a more developing area then get a much more comprehensive one including sterile needles and water treatment. A survival blanket and bite treatment are also useful in your kit.

9) Worldwide Plug Adaptor Kit (£9.99- £19.99)

If you are thinking of taking your phone, ipod or camera on your trip then you'll need something to allow you to stick your charger in the wall. A universal kit will cover most countries whilst not filling up your bag with loads of random adapters.



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