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Top 5 Sleeping Bags for Travelling

When it comes to packing for your gap year, you’re faced with the dilemma of fitting everything into your backpack…So it’s understandable that choosing a sleeping bag can be tricky, and some people may even consider travelling without one to save on space. However, sleeping bags don’t have to be bulky, in fact, there are

A Guide to Travelling in South East Asia

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam – these are the countries which make up the magical and marvellously mixed melting pot known as South East Asia. Acting as an almost irresistible magnet to gap year travellers, these tropical lands are packed with such diverse wonders and sights as majestic mountains;

A Guide to Planning a Gap Year in Australia

From the buzz and easy-living of the cosmopolitan cities to the mystery, legend and magic of the Outback and rainforests – Australia is a land packed full of diversity, encompassing cultures both ancient and super-modern. Adventures tend to come jumbo-sized here, matching the vastness of the land itself and finding fun is almost compulsory in

Gap Year Guide for Parents: Sorting Fact from Fiction

There’s you thinking your child is still, well…a child…and here they are announcing they’re about to head out into the big wide world on a gap year…alone! In one moment you have to accept two things – your child is an adult now – a tricky phase for any parent – AND they are going to be doing something

A Guide to Teaching Abroad on Your Gap Year

Whether or not you intend to make your career in education, the opportunity for heading off to teach English abroad during a gap year is one which appeals to many. It can be an incredibly enriching, soul-fulfilling and mind expanding experience – probably incentive enough for some – but then there’s also the career development,

A Guide to Travelling in Malaysia

Although there are many nations in the world which appear almost more than one country, nowhere is this truer than with Malaysia. Half of the country is found on the mainland which extends down from Thailand right on through to Singapore while its other half is way across the South China Sea on the island

Top 20 Travel Essentials

Knowing what to pack for travelling can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 gap year travel essentials to ensure you don’t leave any must-have accessories behind! Some of the entries on this list may seem obvious, while others may be handy add-ons that you’d never even thought of packing!  1) Travel Backpack We

10 Ways to Take the Lonely Out of Solo Travel

Many who set out into the world on a nomadic journey alone for the first time are not doing it entirely voluntarily. The idea of going it alone can be overwhelmingly scary when you have never done it and often, it seems, we are forced down such a route because none of our friends can