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Backpacking Equipment » tools and gadgets » Travel Gadgets & Useful Stuff » Lifesystems Antibacterial Fabric Treatment

  Lifesystems Antibacterial Fabric Treatment
Lifesystems Antibacterial Fabric Treatment

Lifesystems Logo

Lifesystems Antibacterial Fabric Treatment

This advanced antibacterial treatment from Lifesystems allows you to protect your boots, shoes, tents, underwear, sleeping bags, liners and towel from odours and bacterial degration. Simply spray it on and it will give protection for up to 2 years or 35 washes. One 250ml spray bottle covers eight square metres.

The broad spectrum antimicrobial formula kills bacteria (including E Coli, Salmonella and MRSA), keeping clothing and boot-linings cleaner and smelling fresher.
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What is an antibacterial coating?
The majority of modern travel towels are now impregnated with an antibacterial agent. the purpose of this is to stop mould, smells and rot that can be caused by leaving your towel damp over an extended period of time. Because you are travelling you may not always have time to leave your towel out to dry properly. By having an antibacterial coating you wont get any nasty surprises when you get it out of your bag later!

245 Design Go XLarge Travel Towel
This towel can easily be transformed in to an antibacterial one with the help of lifesystems antibacterial fabric treatment.
4 Hand Sanitizing Gel
Keep your hands clean at all times to prevent nasty stomach bugs and other illnesses.
55 Travel Sewing Kit
Compact travel sewing kit for minor clothing repairs.
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