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Backpacking Equipment » mosquito & insect defence

Mosquito Repellents

When travelling mosquitoes can not only be a pain but cause a serious health risk with the spread of tropical diseases such as Dengue Fever and Malaria.

Always check with your GP about and additional treatments or medication you may need for your intended destinations but also get stocked up on the appropriate repellents. We sell a wide range of both mosquito repellents and insect killers with varying strengths depending on the risk factor.

In addition a good mosquito net is a must and also check out our plug in and battery powered mosquito killers for additional protection.

Check out our blog posts on deet repellents and mosquito defence for more information!

  mosquito & insect defence
Mosquito Repellents
Range of specialist jungle strength spray and lotion repellents.

Mosquito Bite Relief
A range of products designed to relieve the pain and discomfort of insect bites and stings!

Travel Mosquito Nets
All shapes and sizes of mosquito nets that pack small.

Mosquito Bands & Wipes
Deet and natural insect repellent bands and body wipes

Mosquito Plug Ins & Devices
Keep away mosquitoes whilst you are sleeping or inside.

Bed Bug Protection
Protect yourself from bed bugs with our range of bed bug repellent sleeping bag liners and mattress covers.


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