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New Zealand Mobile Sim Pack

New Zealand Mobile Sim Pack


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  • your own NZ number
  • free incoming calls - no roam charges!
  • $15 call credit included
  • call uk for 17p/min
Taking your UK contract phone to NZ and roaming can end up being very expensive. Not only will local calls cost you loads you will have to pay to receive calls from back home.

Our vodafone prepay sim pack gives you a pay as you go account in account which can be easily topped up. You then get your own NZ number which you can give to people before you leave so you can get texts and calls as soon as you arrive.

Having an NZ number is essential when job hunting and is great to for keeping in touch with travellers you meet along the way. To use our sim pack you need to have a phone which is unlocked. For help with this give us a call.

For more details on the tariffs supplied with this pack check out the vodafone site


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