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Down Lightweight Sleeping Bags

For many years down sleeping bags were reserved for professional expeditions but now prices have made them a great option for regular travellers and backpackers. Down gives the best warmth to fill ratio, meaning down sleeping bags are some of the lightest and smallest around. Down sleeping bags are an ideal choice for lightweight backpacking, allowing you to pack a high performance sleeping bag, without taking up masses of space and weighing yourself down. Down sleeping bags are ideal for travellers who are planning multi-day treks during their trip, where a higher season bag is likely to be required. However it's important to note that when down gets wet its performance drops and it can clump, so don't take to destinations where it will get soaked or you will sweat heavily! The Vango Venom range is an affordable option for travellers who need a high performance bag, which is both lightweight and compact. If down is a little too pricey for your budget, check out our range of lightweight sleeping bags to suit all price ranges.

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