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Mosquito Repellents & Insect Defence

When travelling mosquitoes can not only be a pain but cause a serious health risk with the spread of tropical diseases such as Dengue Fever, Zika, Yellow Fever and Malaria. In some cases, the only way to prevent disease is to avoid insect bites, so making sure you're equipped with the right insect repellent is key! Always check with your GP or local travel clinic about any additional treatments or medication you may need for your intended destinations, but also get stocked up on the appropriate repellents. We sell a wide range of both mosquito repellents and insect killers with varying strengths depending on the risk factor at your destination. In addition to repellents a good mosquito net is a must in high risk areas and also check out our plug in and battery powered mosquito killers for additional protection. Of course mosquitoes aren't your only concern, ticks can be an issue in some destinations, especially if you're trekking or spending time in the wilderness. Avoid lyme disease and tick-borne enchephalitis which are spread by ticks by choosing a repellent which repels both mosquitoes and ticks, and if you're unlucky enough to get bitten by a tick, make sure you remove it correctly with a tick remover tool!