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Oct 9, 2015
Useful kit for spring/summer use although it's useable in autumn/winter with a bivy bag

Advantages: Lightweight, minimal pack size

Disadvantages: No disadvantages yet, see what it's like after a year in use
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Oct 12, 2015
My daughter has taken this sleeping bag travelling with her to Australia. She has loved it so far and would recommend it to all backpackers visiting hot countries.

Advantages: Light and small. Perfect for backpacking as it takes up next to no room at all. Thin so it is a nice cover but don't get too hot in the boiling Australian nights!

Disadvantages: None so far!
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May 31, 2016
This bag is great, I've been using it for small trips and am heading around the world in two months and I am so excited to use it! It's so comfortable, I've been pleasantly surprised!

Advantages: The cover for the straps is really effective. I've had bags in the past which have broken as the straps have been damaged when I travel. However, due to the cover this has not been an issue when using this bag. The daypack is also brilliant. I know many bags have this however, this one is just as comfortable and well designed as the main bag.

Disadvantages: Other bags have more straps on the outer layer of the bag so extras can be attached. This bag doesn't have these which is more restrictive.
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Jul 8, 2015
My first ever sleeping bag. Took a long time to decide on which one to go for but finally went for this one. I'm glad I did. Was nice and warm for two camping trips. One in May in Dorset and the other at the beginning of June in Snowdonia. I wanted a fairly lightweight one so wasn't able to go for a more rectangular sleeping bag but equally didn't want a restrictive mummy shaped bag. This was a nice compromise and my legs and feet didn't feel too restricted. I am 5 foot 10 and it was very comfy. I think the bug stopper mesh features are great too. Had a nice little bag that you can reverse with a fleecy lining that you can use as a pillow too. Was lovely and soft inside the bag too.
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Tania Barnes about  Travel Sick Bags x 6:
May 18, 2016
These bags are a lifesaver ! They not only saved me some dignity but prevented me from redecorating The cabin on my 14 hour flight to Bangkok when the airline didn't have any to hand. Whilst landing (when your not allowed out of your seat) we hit turbulence making the plane rattle and causing me to become very nautious, having found no sick bags and not being able to leave my seat it was a stroke of luck I had packed this packet of bags into my hand luggage.

Advantages: Lined and waterproof so no worry about leakages especially in circumstances when you can throw it away straight away, small and foldable can be put anywhere in your bag, pocket or folded up inside your passport holder / document wallet, saves the worry of wondering where the bathroom is and any embarrassing stares from other passengers ;) The bags are strong and durable

Disadvantages: None that I have come across so far
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Thomas Crewe about  Trespass Bath Size Travel Towel:
Oct 31, 2014
Fantastic fold-out size. Soft comfortable materials. Fold away into a relatively small bag. Easy to fold the towel to fit into the bag.

Advantages: Large towel for easy drying.

Disadvantages: Slightly larger when folded than other options.
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Amanda Tredgett about  Trespass Bath Size Travel Towel:
Oct 31, 2014
Small and flat, ideal for backpackers.

Advantages: Generous bath towel size.
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Jackie Johns about  Deluxe Money Belt:
Nov 5, 2014
Lightweight, comfortable money belt - just the right size to easily carry passport and different currencies

Advantages: Two seperate compartments which are ideal when carrying different currencies.
Big enough to hold passport and travel documents too. Comfortable to wear. Elastic strap also makes it easy to access
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Apr 17, 2018
As small and light as expected. Good price too - about the quality, I don't expect it to last too long but for that price, that's no worry.

This was a last minute purchase before a trip and the dispatch and delivery times were incredibly fast.

Advantages: Lightweight, small size, good for light traveling

Disadvantages: Might not be as sturdy as something more expensive and will need to be treated with more care.
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Jul 21, 2014
I was very disappointed. I bought the rucksack as its supposed to be Ladies fit, but even with the straps adjusted as short as they would go, they were still way too big for me. I've tried unisex rucksacks that adjust smaller. Not as good quality as I'd expected either, but I guess you get what you pay for.

GAPYEAR STORE TEAM: “Hi, We’re sorry to hear that this backpack wasn’t what you expected, we take customer comments very seriously and use your feedback to improve the information provided on our website. As you have pointed out, this size of the Highlander Explorer would be unsuitable for the more petite traveller, so we generally wouldn’t recommend anything more than 60+20 litres in size for shorter users. We also should’ve have made it clearer that this backpack isn’t fitted with a female specific back system, and it is purely the colour way which earns it it’s ‘ladies’ classification. Thank you for bringing these points to our attention, we will endeavour to amend the description ASAP. We’ve actually used your comments to improve the information on each of our backpacks and rucksacks, with a new ‘back system fit’ field in the specifications, this specifies if the back system is designed for men, women or is unisex.”

Advantages: Loads of space and very easy to pack. Loads of useful interior pockets and straps to hold items secure. Probably works well for someone needing a big rucksack that is at least 3 inches taller than me (I'm just 5 foot tall).

Disadvantages: Couldn't adjust the straps to be small enough to fit me, so the straps didn't sit on my shoulders when it was sat on my hips, hence it was very unstable and gave me backache just in the few minutes I tried it out when it was full.

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Nov 2, 2014
This towel is awesome its really lightweight, folds down small to fit in the pouch provided, and you can wring it out until its almost dry! #greatbuy

Advantages: Lightweight, Compact, easy dry, comes with bag, doesnt smell
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Feb 2, 2018
Ok so this baby is amazing!! I didn't expect that kind of quality, it looks great is really functional and warm. It packs down really small, especially if you compress it a little bit more and it's light, I checked and it's exactly 1300g. I felt really comfortable inside and I am 6 ft, especially in the end of bag where you have a lot of space for your legs, not like in mummy bags. It has pockets and an anti-insect net, but my favourite feature is the reversible bag, which you can use as a pillow. Now I understand why this bag was awarded can't wait to use it!
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Apr 28, 2015
I'm only giving this one star because I can't leave zero stars. If this had come from Poundland I would understand it but for 30 quid? Pretty rubbish. Once you plug a UK plug into it, you can't get the plug out again! You could argue it was the fault of the UK plug I was plugging in, but I was actually using one of the 'Go' USB chargers. Their own products. Do yourself a favour, look elsewhere for an adaptor
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Sophie Henwood about  Trespass Bath Size Travel Towel:
Oct 31, 2014
Great towel, really big and folds up into a small, easy to carry bag. Very lightweight and is perfect for my travels!

Advantages: Small when folded, handy, has an anti bacterial layer to prevent smelling, nice colour
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Laurence Smith about  Trespass Bath Size Travel Towel:
Oct 31, 2014
A neccessity for any gapper.Good size, lightweight and most importantly very quick drying.

Advantages: Full body sized towel
Light and compact, with useful holder.
Fast drying

Disadvantages: None so far.
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Nov 27, 2014
Great bag! Love the colour and the overall look.

Advantages: Bag is easy to spot. Very handy with detachable 20l bag as it is perfect to use as carry on and surprisingly fits a lot!

Disadvantages: Would be great if the bag zipped the whole way down. However the bag is also accessible from the bottom so that helps.
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Feb 24, 2015
Perfect travel towel. Funky pattern unlike most standard one-colour microfibre towels. Definitely a must have wherever you are going.

Advantages: This super soft towel packs down really small but is infact rather large in size - perfect if you're trying to save room when packing lots into a travel backpack or suitcase. It is lightweight and dries very quickly so does not smell of damp if put in a bag shortly after use - unlike standard beach/bath towels. It could also be used as a sarong.

Disadvantages: Although I love this zebra towel, it would be beneficial if there were other styles available.

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Oct 5, 2015
Very good bag, packs really small which is fantastic. Used it in summer in Portugal and indoors in Ireland and it was perfect. Love that the bottom unzips separate to main zip as hate my feet being too warm.

Advantages: small size

Disadvantages: folded-up mosquito net is bulky and in your face at night
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Aug 8, 2017
Amazing bag!!!! I looked for months on end to find the right bag for backpacking, but without having to carry it around if there's good terrain or without having difficulty finding things which is perfect with the suitcase style opening (also amazing to pack)! I also have a difficult time with packing light so the bigger the better and this was the biggest I found in a backpack. I literally cannot fault this bag! It has so far been to Africa with me, and it's soon to go around Europe, Asia and Australia and I'm confident it will withstand the elements. It's extremely well made, I love how the backpack straps (which includes a padded hip strap) can be zipped away so you can use it as a suitcase and also so the straps don't get trapped on conveyor belts at airports, there's enough pockets to put the little things in with plenty of room which also saves valuable space! Well worth the money!! I love this bag! Couldn't believe I found one with everything on my tick list!

Advantages: Can be used as backpack or suitcase.
All the straps are padded so it's extremely comfortable.
It's big and easy to pack and also find things.
The handle had 2 different height options
Straps to hold your stuff in place.

Disadvantages: The flap which unzips to the backpack straps, when opened to carry it on your back has no where to be put so it flaps about when you're carrying it. Not really that bad but it's the only fault!!
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Aug 30, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Probably the worst thing ever invented. I read lots of good reviews about this but I have no idea why.

Advantages: Easy to pack back up

Disadvantages: It's huge - if your bag is anything less than 110L it renders the bag useless. There's no way to reduce the size so you're left with a huge amount of extra space at the top. The carry strap is pointless, I am 5ft tall and to use the carry strap for this I would have to be over 6ft to get my bag off the ground, that's even if the material takes it due to excess as my 80L bag doesn't fill it. The other carry straps aren't useful either. All in all a waste of money.
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Feb 19, 2018
Awesome backpack. I bought this backpack for a 6 month trip around south and north America! I wanted to pack lightly and this bag is perfect for it! The pack itself is very comfortable, lightweight and easy to carry. The detachable daypack is very useful and easy to put on and put off, some pockets to store important things like laptop, documents and water bottle (things like that).

Advantages: Very comfortable
Ppens like a suitcase so you're able to access things quick and easy

Disadvantages: The product is described as volcanic grey, although it's basically dark green. Otherwise great bag!
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Jul 21, 2016
The towel rolls up incredibly small and is dry almost as soon as you hang it up. It is as large as a bath towel too, so feels pretty luxurious. It took up about 1/2 of the space that my usual beach towel would.

Advantages: Compact, quick dry, soft - and the size of a proper towel. Brilliant
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Sep 7, 2014
Really happy with this bag; was sceptical about buying online without being able to try it first but very impressed with the different features & is a great choice for female travellers :)

Advantages: Good size for me as I'm travelling for approx 6 months and isn't too big. Love the detachable daybag, will be perfect for hand luggage. Adjustable straps perfect so that doesn't weigh down on the shoulders.

Disadvantages: Not begun my travelling yet but no negatives as yet... although the weight of the bag before it's contents are even in could be a problem as it's 2KG and I'm only allowed 12KG on my flight!
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Sep 19, 2014
Love my little transformer bag. This worked ideal for me, main storage area was just big enough for 10 days in China,and that was with it not extended, extends it holds my souvenirs.

The back straps zip away for going into the airplane hold so that they dont get caught. Very convenient to have one bag on your back.

Advantages: Backpack splits for small cabin luggage and larger hold luggage.

Disadvantages: Could do with a couple of bigger compartments to split things up
not much structure to it so airports treat it differently, don't put fragile things in it.
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Oct 30, 2014
Really pleased with this, it is really absorbent and dries very quickly so is perfect for travelling

Advantages: Useful container/ bag
Dries quickly
Really absorbent
Washes well

Disadvantages: Could maybe be a lite bit bigger
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