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Australasia Packing List

Australia and New Zealand are popular gap year destinations for travellers with beautiful sandy beaches, luscious green landscapes and water sports galore! Then there are the Pacific islands that neighbour these countries, which are definitely worth a visit. As with many gap year destinations, mosquitoes and sandflies can be an issue in Australasia, so make sure you stock up on some insect repellent to keep painful bites at bay. You should also pack some bite and sting relief, as you never know when you might get bitten or stung, even after taking precautions! Be sure to pack a basic first aid kit, and if you enjoy water sports and outdoor activities, we've got some great waterproof kits containing items to treat common injuries acquired from outdoor activities. Below you will find a selection of travel products we would recommend packing for a trip to Australasia, including the aforementioned accessories and some other useful items to make life easier during your trip down under!

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