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Welcome to the Gap Year Travel Store. As one of the UK’s only specialist travel gear shops we have everything for backpacking & travelling including packs and sleeping bags as well as accessories such as first aid kits & specialist mosquito repellents.

We pride ourselves on our offering of lightweight and compact gear for travelling, and our team of travel gear specialists are always on hand to give you kit advice. Whether you’re unsure about sleeping bag season ratings, which mosquito repellent you need or which backpack would be best for your trip, we’re here to help!

Travel Packs

Our travel pack range is loaded with travel bags designed specifically for backpacking. These bags come with adjustable back systems to ensure a comfortable fit, providing the highest level of support possible, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Our travel backpacks also come with a selection of useful travel related features, such as protective shoulder harness covers to help prevent damage to your backpack’s straps in transit, lockable zips and detachable daypacks for day to day use. For those of you who can’t decide between a backpack or suitcase, we have a great choice of wheeled backpacks, which combine these two options and make for a versatile luggage option. If you’re a female traveller, we also have a selection of ladies backpacks in feminine colour ways, as well as models with shorter back lengths for the more petite female traveller.

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Mosquito Repellents & Nets

A must have for any traveller visiting countries where mosquitoes and other insects are prevalent, mosquito repellents and nets offer a high level of protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects during your trip.

For countries with a high risk of Malaria and tropical disease, you will need to ensure that you have adequate insect protection, and our range of mosquito defence products help to reduce the risk of contracting deadly insect-borne diseases. From natural Citriodiol and Saltidin options through to high jungle strength DEET sprays, we’ve got a mosquito repellent to suit all destinations around the world. Our mosquito nets come in a variety of shapes and styles, in both single and double sizes, and are also treated with insecticide to stop insects from landing on them.

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Shop Bite Relief

Ultralight Sleeping Bags & Liners

Lightweight and compact, our travel sleeping bag range is designed to take up minimal space inside your backpack, as well as keep the weight of your bag to a minimum.

With travellers visiting multiple countries with varying climates, we’ve got sleeping bags in different season ratings, from 1 and 2 season options for warmer climates through to 3 and 4 season options for cooler conditions. We also have super lightweight sleeping bag liners and cotton sleepers, which can be used to protect the lining of your sleeping bag and add warmth, or you can simply use one alone instead of a sleeping bag in those tropical climates!

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Shop Sleeping Bag Liners
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Specialist First Aid Kits & Supplies

An upset stomach here and there and a headache from overdoing it at a full moon party are to be expected, but you need to ensure you look after yourself during your gap year!

We’ve put together a selection of handy travel size first aid kits containing basic medical equipment for emergency treatment of minor cuts and scrapes, as well as first aid accessories including oral rehydration sachets, water purification tablets and devices, as well as sun creams and after sun lotions to care for your skin. Not only do we stock basic first aid kits, but we also have more comprehensive and specialist kits available. Our sterile needle kits are a must have for anyone visiting remote areas and developing countries, where medical equipment can be in short supply…or unsanitary and unfit for use. In a medical emergency, you can hand a sterile kit to a medical professional if you require emergency treatment.

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