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Backpacking Equipment » keeping healthy » first aid kits » First Aid Needle Kit

  First Aid Needle Kit
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First Aid Needle Kit
First Aid Needle Kit Contents  

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First Aid Needle Kit

Contains needles & syringes
Great for developing countries
Compact case
Lightweight - 185g

When travelling to remote areas and developing countries, this sterile needle first aid kit is essential!

The kit contains several first aid items, along with a scalpel, syringes and hypodermic needles. These can be handed to a medically trained professional in an emergency, ensuring that you can be treated with sterile equipment. The needle kit is compact and lightweight and is supplied in a ripstop nylon carry case, complete with a waterproof zip.

NB: Once it's seal is broken, this kit is non-returnable.

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  More Details

1 x Primary care leaflet
1 x Sterile information card
1 x Scalpel (1cm blade)
2 x 2ml Syringes
2 x 5ml Syringes
1 x 10ml Syringe
1 x Hypodermic Needle (19G) 1.1 x 40mm
2 x Hypodermic Needles (21G) 0.8 x 40mm
2 x Hypodermic Needles (23G) 0.6 x 30mm
1 x Hypodermic Needle (25G) 0.5 x 25mm
1 x IV Cannula (18G) 1.3 x 45mm
2 x Pairs vinyl gloves
1 x Micropore tape 1.25cm x 5m
6 x Hygienic cleansing wipes
1 x Synthetic suture 2.4 x 7.5cm
1 x Pack of assorted plasters
3 x Wound closure strips

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