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South America Packing List

Security precautions are paramount when it comes to travelling throughout South & Central America.

Backpack locks, money belts and other security products are essential to keeping both you and your belongings safe!

Plug adapters in use vary from country to country and voltage can also vary from 120V to 220v, so make sure you research your destination thoroughly before travelling.

If you're visiting a country with different voltage to the UK, you will need a voltage converter to charge and use your appliances.

Some parts of South America carry a Malaria risk, so you will need to take mosquito repellent and a mosquito net with you. You should also discuss malaria tablets with your GP or local travel clinic before travelling.

We've listed a number of first aid and health products too, including diarrhoea relief, water treatment and sterile needle kits for medical emergencies.

South America

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