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Top 5 Mosquito Nets for Travelling

We sell so many different types of mosquito net for travelling that it can all get a bit confusing for people trying to choose the right net for their trip.

Do you need a pop up net or will a wedge net suffice? In this post we’ll be running through our top 5 mosquito nets for travelling, detailing the benefits of each style and why they’ve made it into our travel essential list!

1) Care Plus Pop Up Dome Mosquito Net

The Care Plus Pop Up Dome is the best net for travellers who are unsure whether or not their accommodation will have mosquito net hanging points, or for those who really don’t want to mess around hanging their net up once they reach the hostel. It’s also a good option if you’re camping or staying in remote areas. Simply pull it out of the bag and it will pop up to create a mosquito-free haven. A word of warning, packing away a pop up net is a bit of an art form, make sure you practice packing it away before you travel – it comes with instructions, so you’ll soon get the hang of it! (pun intended)

Net Specifications:
Size: 220 x 145 x 80cm | Pack Size: 29 x 4cm | Weight: 500g | Holes Per Sq. Inch: 225 | Treatment: Durallin Long lasting impregnation (Permethrin)

2) Lifesystems Superlight Mosquito Net

The smallest and lightest mosquito net in our range, the Lifesystems Supernet comes with a single hanging point for easy suspension and packs down to a compact 16 x 8cm in size. Nets with a single hanging point are a good option for hostels, guest houses and other types of accommodation, as you only have to worry about finding a single hanging point for your net, which most types of accommodation will have. It’ll also take up minimal space in your backpack, so is ideal if you’re short of packing space.

Size: 200 x 135 x 85cm | Pack Size: 16 x 8cm | Weight: 180g | Holes Per Sq. Inch: 156 | Treatment: EX8 Anti-Mosquito Long Lasting Impregnation (Permethrin)

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3) Pyramid Deluxe Mosquito Net

One of our highest protection mosquito nets, with 300 holes per square inch. The net exceeds the WHO recommended netting specification of 156 holes per square inch by almost doubling it, so even the tiniest of insects will have trouble making their way through. This Pyramid mosquito net comes in a wedge shape with 3 hanging points, creating a spacious internal sleeping space, it also includes a skirt at the bottom, so you can tuck it under your mattress for added protection.


Size: 230 x 150 x 90cm | Pack Size: 23 x 10cm | Weight: 330g | Holes Per Sq. Inch: 300 | Treatment: Zi Technology – Permethrin with a unique binding agent for long lasting protection

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4) Lifesystems Rectangular Mosquito Net

The best mosquito net for people who can get claustrophobic as there is a lot more room inside the net compared to wedge shapes. This of course makes the pack size bigger so it’s all down to personal preference. Comes with Lifesystem’s EX8 treatment and four hanging hooks for securing. In malaria areas you can find that hotels have the four securing points around the bed frame for fixing.


Size: 210 x 100 x 150cm | Pack Size: 19 x 10cm | Weight: 390g | Holes Per Sq. Inch: 156 | Treatment: EX8 Anti-Mosquito Long Lasting Impregnation (Permethrin)

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5) Lifesystems Geonet Freestanding Mosquito Net

The Geonet is pretty much a tent without the outer sheet! This means that you can use it anywhere even the middle of a field – no trees or walls required. It uses the supplied aluminium poles for support which does add the the weight and pack size however at 1.1kg it’s not excessive. With a whopping 1001 holes per square inch nothing is going to get through the mesh. The freestanding design makes this perfect for trekking or camping out on foreign plains…


Size: 215 x 90 x 75cm | Pack Size: 86 x 10cm | Weight: 1.1kg | Holes Per Sq. Inch: 1001 | Treatment: EX8 Anti-Mosquito Long Lasting Impregnation (Permethrin)

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