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Osprey Fairview 55 2022: Changes and Updates to Know About

The long awaited update to the Farpoint and Fairview range has finally arrived. So we’ve taken the time to analyse the new Fairview 55 and find out what’s changed versus the previous model. So if you are wondering whether you should upgrade or just want to know the details of this new travel pack read on…

The Bag Capacity Has Changed

Although the new bag still has a capacity of 55 litres in total Osprey have shrunk the main bag down to 40 litres from 42 and then added an additional 2 litres to the daypack to bring it up to 15 litres. What this does is make the main bag more ‘carry on’ size compatible which was always a complaint about its predecessors failure. However if you could only just fit your gear into the old main bag you will now have to take less or get used to using the daypack for gear storage not just excursions.

NEW Additional Internal Zipped Pocket

There is now an additional mesh pocket in the side wall of the main bag for smaller accessories. This is in addition to the large mesh compartment on the back of the lid which is now smaller than the previous model due to the main bag shrinking in size. Great for keeping your passport or smaller valuables away from pick pockets etc.

NEW Eco Fabrics Being Used

The New Fairview uses Bluesign approved 450D recycled twist dobby polyester throughout the whole of the bag rather than the two different materials of the previous model. The original Fairview used 210D nylon mini hex diamond ripstop and then 600D packcloth fabric to give a two tone effect and also provide additional durability in wear points. By using a 450D fabric throughout the new model sits in between the fabrics giving a good general level of durability but probably helping to increase the overall weight of this new model. Both models have a Durably Water Repellent (DWR) coating for protection from water and dirt but the new coating is PFC/PFAS free.

The New Model is Heavier

A number of changes to the back system and materials used means the new pack comes in at 1.9kg which is 150 grams heavier than its predecessor which was 1.75kg. There have been a number of changes in the back system and materials used however it is surprising considering the large zip that attaches the daypack to the main bag is now gone.

Daypack no Longer Zips Onto Main Pack

One massive change to the new Fairview is the way the daypack attaches to the main pack. On the previous model the daypack zipped onto the outside and then could be additionally secured by using the compression straps on the outside to thread through the loops on the front of the daypack. This gave a really secure fixing and meant that you could open the main bag without having to detach the daypack. However if either of the bags were fully loaded it could be a pain to zip them together.

So the new pack simply uses the compression straps to secure it and then relies on the straight jacket outer material to grip it into place. What this does is make the two bags feel more independent as now when used alone the main pack doesn’t look strange with half a zip fixed across it. The change was probably due to making the main pack essentially a Fairview 40 in its own right so you get two useful travel packs for your money which gives lots of different options for travel.

NEW Colourways

The original Fairview 55 came in two colourways; Rainforest Green & Misty Green. Osprey have now doubled the colour offerings with Black, Winter Night Blue, Zircon Red and Night Jungle Blue.

NEW Adjustable Back System

Whereas the Farpoint models always came in two different sizes the Fairview simply came in one model of small/medium. The new pack makes great strides in offering a user adjustable back system with the ability to slide the shoulder straps up and down to get the correct fit for you. It’s really simple to do by tightening or loosening off two straps next to the aluminium external frame.

NEW Stretch Mesh Pocket on Hip Belt

Great for quick access to accessories is a new stretchy mesh pocket on the hip belt of the main pack. Perfect for loose change, train tickets etc it is always easy to get things out and expands when you put larger things inside. The other side of the hip belt also has a fabric loop so you could attach a torch with carabiner or similar.

NEW Airscape Back System Panel

The new Fairview has a different back panel to create airflow between the bag and your back. In the original model soft foam with cut-outs was used to create comfort and ventilation. The new bag now uses more rigid foam which is ridged to allow air to flow through the channels. Although this doesn’t feel as soft and comfy as the original foam it will create a much better level of ventilation.

More Reinforced Hip Belt

The new hip belt is more rigid whilst still offering the same level of comfort. This should really help in load carrying and moving around with a fully loaded pack.

Daypack Style Has Changed

The daypack has now become more of a top loader rather than a traditional half zip. This gives additional weather resistance but makes accessing the contents more difficult. With an additional 2 litres of capacity you have more space for gear for day trips. With the large zip now gone around the bag (for fixing to the main pack) the daypack feels like something you could also happily use at home and for the first time you can now buy this daypack as a standalone product in case you lose or damage yours.

The mesh side pockets are now deeper which will accommodate larger drinks bottles which had a tendency to fall out of the old model. The chest strap buckle now also incorporates a new emergency whistle. The external zip pocket is now bigger but has lost its anti-scratch material and key clip. The key clip is now integrated into the internal zip pocket. Both have a laptop/tablet sleeve but the new model allow it to be used as a hydration bladder sleeve which the addition of left and right tube ports.