Best Money Belt Alternatives

Money belts certainly aren’t the coolest of travel accessories, but they’re pretty useful when it comes to keeping your cash and valuables out of sight, especially when you’re travelling in pickpocket hotspots. If the idea of wearing a money belt makes you cringe, you might be interested to know that there are some other alternatives that might be more to your liking!

1) The Stash Belt

If you want somewhere to stash a few emergency notes, a stash belt is the perfect option. While it looks just like a normal belt, it features a hidden zip pocket inside, which is usually big enough to store some rolled up bank notes and a few coins.

lifeventure money belt

2) The Bra Pouch

One of our favourite travel gadgets, the bra stash clips to the front or side of your bra and is big enough to fit cards, currency and keys. It’s one of the smaller options on our list, but it a great option for travellers who just want to store a couple of cards and some bank notes. It’s also made from soft lingerie fabric, so it’s lightweight, as well as comfortable against your skin.

bra pouch

3) The Security Holster

Wear it over your shoulder or across your body for added security, the security holster is a great way to keep your valuables safe and comes with two zipped compartments, making it suitable for storing currency, cards and even passports. The back of the holster features a soft mesh material, making it breathable and comfortable against your skin.


4) The Belt Flip Wallet

This bad boy is nice and compact and tucks into the waist band of your trousers. Simply slot its loop attachment through your belt and tuck the wallet inside your waist band to keep it hidden. Due to its compact size, the belt flip wallet is perfect for storing a couple of credit cards and some rolled up bank notes.

belt flip wallet

5) The Neck Pouch

Possibly the best known alternative to a traditional money belt, neck pouches generally offer a similar amount of storage but are worn around your neck. Many travellers don’t like the idea of wearing a body wallet around their waist as it can sometimes get uncomfortable during longer periods of wear. If this sounds like you, a neck pouch is a great option. This one is made from soft materials for comfortable wear and also benefits from RFID blocking fabric to prevent illegal scans of your bank cards.

6) The Chain Wallet

This one is a little bit different as it’s an actual wallet, but it comes with some handy security features, so it makes our list. This Tri-fold wallet comes with RFID-blocking fabric to keep the data stored on your cards secure and includes a chain for hooking it to your bag or belt loop, making it difficult for pickpockets to run off with it!

z50 pacsafe wallet

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