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Best Destinations for Vegetarians

As a planet-wandering traveller you may have been practicing how to say ‘I am vegetarian’ in several languages but it serves little use if the country you are about to explore has no real concept of the term. Travelling for anyone can throw up a few hurdles to overcome but if you happen to be […]

A Guide to Travelling in South Africa

Listening to the sounds of elephants trumpeting to each other as you camp beneath a canopy of stars, catching some rays while relaxing on exotically idyllic beaches of powdery sands with a choice of two oceans, hiking into mountains cloaked in lush greenery or testing your mettle with a spot of bungy jumping; South Africa […]

Elephant Tourism – Why You Shouldn’t Ride Elephants on your Gap Year

The reasons why we travel are as individual as we are but typically there are certain common denominators for all of us. We want to experience the exciting, the exotic, the brand new and to have the kind of adventures we would never be able to have if we stayed home. Little wonder then that […]

Top 10 Travel Experiences for Animal Lovers

People travel for so many different reasons; for immersion into alluring and strange cultures, for respite, to stray awhile from the well-trodden path or to check out the world’s iconic landmarks – both natural and man-made – such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Niagara Falls. There are also many of us whose primary […]

Volunteering: Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary Project

A huge thanks to the team at Frontier for providing this blog post. Frontier are a non-profit conservation and development NGO, established back in 1989, providing a number of volunteer projects abroad. In this post they give us an inside look into their Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary Project… What Does the Project Involve? Conservation isn’t just […]

Taking a Gap Year in Africa

At risk of stating the obvious here we’d just like to point out something important – Africa is huge. This fact, combined with certain regions being off-limits for travellers, as well as the time, energy and (sometimes) expense needed to get around means that most backpackers pick just one region to explore. These tend to be, […]

What to Pack for A Trip to Africa

Africa is a popular destination for travellers who are looking to volunteer on their gap year, so we thought we’d put together a packing list to help you decide what you should take with you on your African adventure. From repellents and nets to deter mosquitoes to appropriate clothing and first aid items to keep […]