Top 10 Hostel Essentials

Hostelling is a big part of backpacking so we’ve put together a handy list of 10 essential items you should take with you

Top 20 Travel Essentials

Knowing where to start when packing can be tricky so we’ve given you a headstart with our list of 20 travel essentials

10 Things to Pack for Bali

While I sit and reminisce about my trip to Bali last summer (woe is me), I thought I’d list some of my top recommendations for your Bali packing list. During my 10 day trip in June, I visited Nusa Lembongan, the Gili Islands, Ubud and Seminyak; however, the items on my list should come in […]

5 Accessories for the Disorganised Traveller

Are you the kind of traveller who simply throws their clothes, gadgets and other belongings into their backpack the night before travelling? If so, we’re here to get you organised with our top 5 travel accessories for the disorganised traveller… 1) Document Wallet Of course you could just shove your passport, documents and currency into a […]

10 of the Best Travel Hacks

We all love a good life hack, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite travel hacks. These are mainly related to items you can pack to make your life easier when travelling, but we’ve thrown a couple of general travel hacks in there too for good measure! 1) Multi-Purpose Soap Gone are […]

10 Things to Pack for the Rio Olympics

If you’re travelling to Brazil for the Rio Olympics this summer, you may be wondering what sort of things you should be packing for your trip. While you’ve probably got an idea of the clothing you’ll be taking (havaianas at the ready!), there are a few Brazil travel essentials you may not have added to […]

10 Things You Don’t Need for Travelling

Part of being a traveller is packing like a traveller. The newbies to the scene are often easy to spot – bent in half by their enormous backpacks as they drag along another bag or two. At the other end of the scale is the guy who is carrying one small duffel bag and is […]

5 Must Have Travel Wash Accessories

Backpacking means travelling light, so there really isn’t room to pack all your toiletries & hygiene accessories from home when you’re heading off on your gap year! What if you’re unable to find shampoo and shower gel when you reach your destination? This is unlikely in most countries, but in remote areas you certainly won’t find […]

Top 10 Travel Accessories You Think You Don’t Need

When you’re shopping for gap year travel gear you will probably come across a few products and think…”what’s the point in that?!” For some products you’re probably right in thinking they’d serve no purpose during your trip and would end up being a waste of your limited travel budget, but we’re here to explain the practicality […]