10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

The two main islands and endless smaller islands which make up the Southern Hemisphere’s country known as New Zealand are packed from end to end with the most stunning scenery. From sparkling pure-white sand beaches to snowy mountains and blue-hued glaciers to lush temperate rainforests and geothermal wonderlands – it’s all here. While in among […]

10 Things to Do in Auckland

Bordered by two coasts, Auckland – although not the capital – is the nation’s largest city and home to almost a third of its entire population. As urban populations go this city’s isn’t huge – just 1.5 million – but what does make it appear so vast is the way it sprawls on and on […]

Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

With the capacity to empower and cleanse, travelling solo can also be a journey of self-discovery, a huge personal growth curve and otherwise a bundle of fun and adventure. Perhaps once it was true that many who travelled alone did so because it was that or nothing but these days many go solo through choice. […]

New Zealand – North Island Travel Guide

According to Maori legend the North Island of New Zealand is the fish which the Polynesian god Maui caught; the South Island was his canoe from which he caught it. Since the days from which those legends sprang this country has grown into one of those rare places on the planet which every kind of […]

Top 10 Travel Experiences for Animal Lovers

People travel for so many different reasons; for immersion into alluring and strange cultures, for respite, to stray awhile from the well-trodden path or to check out the world’s iconic landmarks – both natural and man-made – such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Niagara Falls. There are also many of us whose primary […]

10 of the Safest Places to Travel

Since history began there have always been those places on the planet which have ranked as safe, not so safe or as complete no-go areas. This is still very much true in the 21st century and these days there are all kinds of nasties and factors to add into the whole equation when considering where […]

Best Places to Travel in January

For most of us Northern Hemisphere folk, January is a time of dark skies, temperatures which require several layers of clothing and short daylight hours. Little wonder then that we all tend to dream of travel at this time. Generally speaking the best destinations are those which allow you to escape totally the monochrome colours […]

10 Things to Do in New Zealand

1) Tick a Thing (or Ten) Off That Bucket List Bucket-list entries vary considerably from person to person but many which occur over and again on the lists of the young and adventurous include such things as sky diving, bungee jumping, mountain trekking, white-water rafting, seeing whales in the ocean, visiting a live volcano, cage […]

10 Things to Do in New Zealand…The Alternative List

New Zealand pretty much has it all when it comes to things to see and do, whether your tastes tend towards the naturally spectacular or the adrenaline-fuelled adventure experience. However, along with some of its more well known draws it also has plenty in the quirkier or downright unusual side of things too. What’s more, […]

A New Zealand Gap Year: Glow Worms to Glaciers and Days Full of Dolphins

If you’re considering New Zealand as a gap year destination the first thing we’d like to say to you is congratulations; this is one life decision you will never ever regret. New Zealand is one of those destinations about which you’ll rarely, if ever, hear anyone say ‘it was OK’. Probably because in every aspect, […]