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An Introduction to Travel Sleeping Bags

It’s well known that travellers need to keep the size and weight of their gear to a minimum, so compact and lightweight gear is the key to ensuring you can fit everything inside your rucksack or backpack! If you’re taking a sleeping bag with you, don’t fall into the trap of taking a standard sleeping

Top 10 Travel Packing Tips

For first-time backpackers, it can be a challenge to squeeze all your must-have items into a backpack that’s compact and lightweight enough to carry. Here are our top ten packing tips to send you on your way… 1. Buy a suitable pack First off, you need to find the right backpack for your trip. Buy

Packing Tips – Space Saving Accessories

We’ve all been there, cramming our bags to the brim and sitting on top of it while a travel buddy desperately tries to close the zip, but there are a few ways to avoid this common scenario! Of course there are the usual tips of “don’t pack as much” and “roll your clothes, instead of folding

Brazil Survival Guide – Safety Tips & Advice

Brazil is the largest country in South America, spanning across more than half the continent and is the 5th largest country in the world! Although notorious for it’s high crime rate throughout it’s major cities, over 150,000 British nationals visited Brazil in 2012 and most of these visits were trouble free. This South American gem

5 of the Best Towels for Travelling

If you’re trying to decide which travel towel to buy for your gap year, you’ll probably find yourself faced with a wide range of options from suede-feel softfibre to microfibre towels that feel more like the ones you use at home…but which towel is the best option for you and your destination? We’ve put together a

Top 5 Travel Accessories for Women

We all love a good gadget, and when it comes to travelling there are lots of great accessories out there to make your life easier. Gadgets for men are often easier to find but what about women? We’ve put together a list of travel accessories for women, including security accessories and health products, all of

Top 10 Hostel Essentials

A big part of backpacking is embracing the hostel culture, where in some cases you may end up in some pretty questionable digs! However, staying in hostels is a great way to meet new people when travelling and make friends to explore with. Here we share our top 10 hostel essentials that you should make

10 of the Best Travel Hacks

We all love a good life hack, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite travel hacks. These are mainly related to items you can pack to make your life easier when travelling, but we’ve thrown a couple of general travel hacks in there too for good measure! 1) Multi-Purpose Soap Gone are

5 Accessories for the Disorganised Traveller

Are you the kind of traveller who simply throws their clothes, gadgets and other belongings into their backpack the night before travelling? If so, we’re here to get you organised with our top 5 travel accessories for the disorganised traveller… 1) Document Wallet Of course you could just shove your passport, documents and currency into a

Top 20 Travel Essentials

Knowing what to pack for travelling can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 gap year travel essentials to ensure you don’t leave any must-have accessories behind! Some of the entries on this list may seem obvious, while others may be handy add-ons that you’d never even thought of packing!  1) Travel Backpack We