Ticks: The Risks & How to Protect Yourself

Travellers often hear about the dangers of mosquitoes and how to protect themselves from mosquito bites, but there’s another blood-sucking travel nasty in our midst…The tick! In this post we will explain the health risks they pose and how you can protect yourself from bites and potential illness during your trip. What is a Tick? Many […]

Best First Aid Kits for Travelling

A first aid kit is an essential for most travellers, appearing on almost every travel kit list you’re likely to come across when preparing for your trip. In this post we run through our 5 best first aid kits for travelling, helping you to decide which one is right for you and your style of travel. 1) Best […]

What is Dengue Fever?

There are a number of health concerns for travellers, with Malaria usually topping that list. However there are other insect-borne diseases and viral infections that travellers should be aware of, including Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever. While Dengue Fever is rarely fatal, it can easily ruin a week or more of your trip, and in some rare […]

Changes to DEET Repellents Explained

If you’re a frequent traveller you’re probably already aware of DEET repellents and the different strengths available. However, there have been some changes to DEET repellents for 2017 due to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR 528/2012), which now means that certain once popular repellents have been withdrawn from the market. These changes have raised […]

Travel Health Tips: Latin America

The bulk of land which makes up Mexico, Central and South America – known collectively as Latin America – is a vast collection of diverse countries, climates, environments and cultures which means the health considerations while travelling here are also incredibly diverse. There are a few common or recurring themes though which apply and some […]

9 Ways to Combat Getting Homesick

There are a million and one reasons why we want to get out there exploring the planet and so incredible are these journeys most of the time that the rough bits seem to get glossed over – and there are rough bits. One such pitfall is the homesickness bug which bites almost every traveller who […]

Sterile Needle Kit Guide

When travelling to certain destinations around the world, we recommend packing a sterile needle kit. Sterile needle kits are designed to be used by trained medical professionals and should be on your packing list if you’re travelling to developing countries and remote areas. In these destinations sterile medical equipment may be hard to come by […]

Zika Virus: How to Stay Protected

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard all about what is being referred to as a global emergency by the World Health Organization. Zika Virus has been reported in over 20 countries in Latin America & the Caribbean, with Brazil currently the worst affected by the outbreak. If you’re […]

A Guide to Mosquito Repellents

Choosing the right mosquito repellent for travelling can be a daunting task, will it be strong enough for high risk Malaria areas? Will your skin have a reaction? How much mosquito repellent should you take with you? These are all common questions we are asked here at the Gap Year Travel Store on a regular […]

5 Insects That Will Try to Ruin Your Gap Year

Escaping the daily grind and travelling the world is definitely an appealing notion, but there are a number of pesky little critters who are looking to put a damper on your gap year fun. We’re of course referring to insects, including the infamous mosquito and hostel dwelling bed bug! With a few precautions, these insects […]