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Top 10 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

Whether you’ve just received your A-Level exam results, graduated from university or are at a point in your career where you feel it’s time for a change, a gap year may well be the next step for you. So we’ve put together 10 reasons you should consider taking a gap year before you head for university, full time

Top 10 Gap Year Destinations for 2015

If you’re in the process of planning a gap year for 2015, you’ll probably already have a few places you’d like to travel to in mind, but we thought we’d put together a list of 10 destinations worth considering for your 2015 gap year itinerary. It was difficult to narrow our list down to just 10

A Guide to Choosing a Volunteer Project

Volunteering during your gap year is a great way to gain some valuable work and life experience, as well as immerse yourself in a different culture and help others less fortunate than you. Volunteering abroad looks good on your CV and it can be a life changing experience for both you and the people you

Travel Packing List: South America

When it comes to planning your trip to South America, you’ve probably done your research on safety, vaccines, visas, flights and things to do…But what do you need to pack?! We’ve compiled a travel packing list for South America in this post, but as climates and conditions can vary throughout the continent we’ve left out

Top Tips for Solo Travellers

To head out alone in the world to find travel adventure is exciting, enriching, empowering and packed with the potential for the best fun you could ever have. But if you are one of those yet to try it and are still unaware of the huge rewards waiting in store for you, it is far

Taking a Gap Year in Africa

At risk of stating the obvious here we’d just like to point out something important – Africa is huge. This fact, combined with certain regions being off-limits for travellers, as well as the time, energy and (sometimes) expense needed to get around means that most backpackers pick just one region to explore. These tend to be,

10 Myths About Travelling

1) You need a lot of money Every year thousands of travellers across the globe set out to see the world and most of them don’t come armed with a stack of money to work through. If your tastes run to 5 star hotels and gourmet restaurants then yes, your trip will be expensive. However,

10 Things to Do in Fiji

No-one would blame you if your intentions while travelling in Fiji revolve purely around lazing on its tropical beaches which come unvaryingly in the guise of perfect South Pacific idyll. However, these volcanic islands, populated with folk of the enchanting kind, can offer more than just astonishingly lovely coconut palm-fringed sands and sea. Here are

Underrated Gap Year Destinations: Part 1

There are many countries that tend to spring to mind when you think of gap year destinations, Thailand and Australia for instance, but there are some countries, which for some reason, don’t seem to be on traveller’s radars. In this two part feature, we share our top underrated destinations for gap year travel… 1) Taiwan Few

Underrated Gap Year Destinations: Part 2

Following on from our first post, we share another five underrated gap year destinations, which you may want to consider adding to your travel itinerary… 1) Nepal Travellers flock to neighbouring India but Nepal – home to Mount Everest – receives almost none of that same traffic. Billed by travel industry experts as one of