Ticks: The Risks & How to Protect Yourself

Travellers often hear about the dangers of mosquitoes and how to protect themselves from mosquito bites, but there’s another blood-sucking travel nasty in our midst…The tick! In this post we will explain the health risks they pose and how you can protect yourself from bites and potential illness during your trip. What is a Tick? Many […]

What is Dengue Fever?

There are a number of health concerns for travellers, with Malaria usually topping that list. However there are other insect-borne diseases and viral infections that travellers should be aware of, including Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever. While Dengue Fever is rarely fatal, it can easily ruin a week or more of your trip, and in some rare […]

A Guide to Mosquito Repellents

Choosing the right mosquito repellent for travelling can be a daunting task, will it be strong enough for high risk Malaria areas? Will your skin have a reaction? How much mosquito repellent should you take with you? These are all common questions we are asked here at the Gap Year Travel Store on a regular […]

How to Purify Water Abroad

Hydration is an important part of everyday life, and something that cannot be compromised on. This is particularly true when you’re travelling abroad and in hot climates, where more fluids are required to keep you healthy. When travelling, you will quickly become aware of the potential risks of drinking water from contaminated sources. Drinking contaminated […]

10 Ways of Beating the Jet Lag Blues

Jet lag is one of those things which most believe is a fuss over nothing until they experience it for themselves for the first time. Personally, I’m fairly sure it’s all part of the gods of travel plan to ensure the universe is balanced; jet lag is the price to be paid – and a […]

5 Reasons to Buy a Travel Water Purification Device

Over the last year or so, water purification devices such as bottles, inline filters and portable filter straws have grown in popularity, with many travellers now opting to buy a water purification device instead of chemical treatments such as Chlorine tablets and Chlorine Dioxide drops. It can be easy to dismiss water purification devices because of […]

How to Combat Bed Bugs

When you’re travelling around the world you’ll often find yourself sharing a dorm room with more than just backpackers. Yes, we’re talking about a room mate of the insect variety…the pesky bed bug! Renowned for it’s presence in hostel mattresses, these little critters can cause you pain and discomfort while you’re staying in hostels and other budget accommodation. What Do Bed Bugs […]

Travel First Aid – What to Pack

Although you may not end up using the contents of your travel first aid kit, it’s still important to make sure you pack one, just in case you suffer cuts and scrapes and other minor injuries during your trip. For many destinations around the world you will find that a basic first aid kit containing […]

How to Get Through Long-Haul Flights

Taking a gap year can often mean you’ll have to endure long-haul flights, a prospect that many travellers don’t find particularly appealing. Long journeys can be made much more bearable by following a few simple travel tips, which we’ve put together to help you endure your next long-haul flight. Motion Sickness Everyone reacts different to […]

A Guide to Water Purification

Finding safe, clean drinking water when travelling can be a tricky task for travellers. While bottled water can be available in local shops, you may find that this is not always the case when you’re visiting more remote areas. Even if you do manage to find bottled water at your destination, carrying bottles of water […]