Top Security Accessories for Travellers

When travelling it is important to keep both you and your gear safe. Now there’s no point going overboard here, as bags covered in locks are bound to draw the attention of thieves, but there are a couple of handy accessories on the market that can keep you and your stuff more secure.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are a versatile security accessory for travellers, as they enable you to lock luggage zips as well as secure your backpack or other items of equipment to a fixed or hard to move object. Cable locks come with an extendable steel coated shackle, which is flexible and difficult for thieves to cut, making it a great way to secure your stuff.


Money Belt

Who could forget this travel favourite?! Whether you’re jetting off to Southeast Asia or backpacking around South America, you’ll be glad you packed one of these! Money belts come in all shapes, styles and sizes, some with special water-resistant pockets, others with a slash-proof wire through the waist strap. Many travellers wear these underneath their clothes for a discreet way to store cash, valuables, passports and other important items and many come with a soft material on the back, so they don’t itch or cause discomfort when worn against your skin. If your money belt doesn’t have a water-resistant pocket, you can always buy a waterproof money belt liner to protect it’s contents from water, sweat and other moisture…great in humid and tropical parts of the world!

Slash-proof Rucksack Protector

If the thought of leaving your backpack unattended in a hostel dorm room for the day leaves you feeling uneasy, a slash-proof rucksack protector is a great way to put your mind at rest. These protective covers feature Pacsafe’s patented ‘smart eXomesh cage system’ and are constructed from stainless steel. The protector creates a slash-proof mesh over your rucksack, which can then be locked to a secure or difficult to move object. One down-side of these would be the weight (the 85 litre model weighs 580g) they add to your travel gear, but if you’re concerned for the security of your backpack during your trip, you may find yourself considering the investment.

Slashproof Rucksack Protector - secures your bag to fixed or hard to move objects to prevent theft.


Travel Door Lock

The travel door lock is constructed from plastic and can be slotted into a door catch to act as a temporary door lock, great when your room door has no lock. One issue people often raise about this product is “how would I get out of my room in an emergency?”, the answer to this is that the door lock is easy enough to break when you use force…which begs the second popular question surrounding this product…”How much protection can it really offer me if it’s easy to break?”. The answer to the second question is that the door lock is designed to deter people from walking into your room and you would easily be awoken should someone try and force their way in…giving you prior warning if there are intruders trying to get inside your room. This seems to be the Marmite of the travel gear world, you either love it or hate it…but for added peace of mind it can be worth stuffing one in your rucksack.

door lock in use


Safety Alarm

An attack alarm may seem like overkill, but just having one in your pocket when you’re travelling solo, can give you added peace of mind. Aimed more at the female backpacking market, travel safety alarms are a handy gadget, especially for those who are embarking on a solo gap year trip. These alarms will let off a high pitched sound when the pin is removed, helping to alert any passers by if you find yourself in trouble.



You can find all these items and more travel accessories in our online store,  make sure you have everything you need to make both you and your belongings as safe as possible during your gap year!


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