Top 10 Travel Apps

With new travel apps emerging every week, we try to pin down the most useful ones out there – whether you want to look up flight times, check out hotel reviews, send a virtual postcard, hike mountains, or translate the local language!

1. FlightTrack – for live flight data

If you travel by air a lot, this live flight status tracker enables you to check flight gate numbers and baggage claim information; find out about delays and cancellations as they happen; and even search for alternative flights. Covering more than 5,000 airports worldwide, you can also follow every leg of your flight with real-time updates and zoomable maps.

Available for both Android and iPhone..

2. Google Maps – for navigation and local listings

One of the classic handy apps that’s incredibly useful for travellers has to be Google Maps. Its My Location feature identifies your location so you don’t have to waste time entering those details, which means you quickly have access to information about local hotels, attractions and other businesses and landmarks. You can click to call a business, get driving directions, or check out alternate routes if you can see traffic ahead.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

3. Postman app – for virtual postcards

Always finding you run out of time to write and send postcards while you’re away? This app enables you to create virtual postcards and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or web – and whilethere’s nothing quite like the real thing landing on your doormat, a virtual postcard is definitely better than not receiving anything at all!#

Available for iPhone.

4. TripAdvisor – for trip planning and local listings

For independent reviews of hotels, restaurants and local attractions, it’s hard to beat TripAdvisor. This well-established app brings users stacks of genuine reviews to help you plan a trip or use while you’re on the road.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

5. TripIt – for trip planning

TripIt is an itinerary builder which gives you access to trip planning information while you’re on the road, with features such as maps and directions, links to travel services such as airlines and hotels, and the TripIt Network which enables you to see which of your friends or connections are close by.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

6. Lonely Planet – for local listings

Lonely Planet’s core app enables you to download individual city destination guides — and since the data is stored locally, they work offline when you don’t have connectivity. These guides feature all the best-known sights plus listings for hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife, researched and road-tested by their expert authors – helping travellers make the most of their travel time.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

7. Convert Pad – for converting units

This handy app converts just about every unit you can imagine – including weight, speed, length, temperature and time – plus it incorporates a real time currency converter — with measurements enterred via a very simple interface.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

8. TransZilla – for translating the local lingo

This free translator is powered by Google Translate, converting speech or text into more than 50 different languages – as well as giving you the ability to share any translations via text or email.

Available for Android.

9. Trip Journal – for recording your trip

This is a great tool for recording your travel adventures, enabling you to track your route and record photos, videos and travel notes while you’re on the move. You can upload your experiences to your blog or to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on – so everyone at home is kept up to date with your progress.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

10. BackCountry Navigator Pro – for hikers

You can soon make back the amount you pay for this top-selling outdoor navigation app if you use it extensively while you’re abroad. It can save you from huge roaming fees because it uses free offline maps and the power of GPS satellites to get topographical maps – perfect for keen hikers and intrepid backpackers.

Available for Android.

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