5 Accessories for the Disorganised Traveller

Are you the kind of traveller who simply throws their clothes, gadgets and other belongings into their backpack the night before travelling? If so, we’re here to get you organised with our top 5 travel accessories for the disorganised traveller…

1) Document Wallet

Of course you could just shove your passport, documents and currency into a pocket in your hand luggage, but you’ll find using a document wallet will save you time and stress at the airport. Organising everything inside a document wallet makes things easier and quicker to find when you need them. Get one with RFID blocking fabric for added protection of your passport and contactless credit cards.

document wallet

2) Wash Bag

Another travel accessory some travellers surprisingly choose to forego, and in all honestly…I used to be one of them. You’ll no doubt have your carry-on toiletries stored in a clear zip-lock bag, but we’d recommend packing all your other toiletries into a travel wash bag. Not only does this make everything easier to find, but it keeps your wash gear compact. Storing toiletries inside a wash bag also reduces the likelihood of spillages and toothpaste smears ruining your clothes! Wash bags make it easy to carry all your toiletries and wash gear to the hostel bathroom too.

hanging wash bag

3) Packing Cubes

Yes, we’re always raving about the benefits of packing cubes, and once you’ve used them during a trip, you’ll instantly see why. Not only can you use these handy packing cases to separate and organise certain types of clothing inside your backpack, but they also keep everything neatly rolled and more compact to maximise on packing space. Use one packing cube for t-shirts, one for shorts/trousers and one for underwear and you’ll see how much easier locating your favourite t-shirt inside your bag becomes.packing cubes

4) E-Case

We live in a digital age, so it’s likely you’re travelling with gadgets, memory cards and charger cables. These cannot be simply thrown into your bag, as you will obviously risk damaging them. So invest in some protective cases to keep them safe. E-cases are great for storing charger cables, so you don’t have to worry about de-tangling them and you’ll always be able to locate them when your gadgets run out of juice! Unlike packing cubes, e-cases tend to be padded or have a hard outer shell to protect their contents from impact, as well as a fleece lining to prevent scratches.

tech case

5) Travel Journal

If you tend to forget things easily, why not get yourself a travel journal? These not only help you note down some of the experiences you’ve had during your trip, but can also prove pretty useful when you’re in the planning stages of travelling. Use a travel journal to create packing lists and itineraries, as well as to note down accommodation and contact details you may need when you arrive…just in case you’re unable to use your phone to access this information. Having the address of your accommodation written down can also be useful for local taxi drivers if you don’t speak the lingo!

travel journal