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New Zealand – North Island Travel Guide

According to Maori legend the North Island of New Zealand is the fish which the Polynesian god Maui caught; the South Island was his canoe from which he caught it. Since the days from which those legends sprang this country has grown into one of those rare places on the planet which every kind of

10 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Made up of a predominantly Buddhist population, Sri Lanka sits in the Indian Ocean and despite being a tropical gem in every sense of the word is often overlooked as a destination. Too far from the most-trodden South-east Asia tourist trail to make it an easy inclusion, Sri Lanka is also distant enough from India

10 Things to Do in Panama

Of course there is the famous canal but Panama – Central America’s southernmost country – has rather more than that to offer its visitors; from the heights of 21st century living in the country’s capital, Panama City, to stepping back in time and into scenes normally only seen in castaway movies in the San Bas

10 Things to Pack for Australia

Australia has so much to offer backpackers, so it’s really no surprise that it’s a popular starting point for many gap year adventures! So what should you pack for a travelling in Australia? Of course your passport, currency and essential travel documents all go without saying, but here are a few Australia travel essentials we would

French Polynesia Travel Guide

Discovered by the British in the mid 1700’s and later claimed by the French during the 1800’s, French Polynesia remains today under the umbrella of French administration with French one of its official languages. For all those who take the time to lift their heads from their beach towel or remove their snorkel there are

A Guide to Travelling in India

India is vast. It is the world’s seventh largest country by land mass and has more than one billion people living here, making it the world’s second most populous country after China. Cradled within this huge mass is a nation full of seemingly endless diversity with regard to landscapes, language, culture, food and people. India

10 Things to Do in Guatemala

From caving by candlelight to sitting atop Mayan pyramids to watch the sunrise, Guatemala offers its visitors all of the things which most often feature on travellers’ wish-lists along with some very special experiences which you won’t find elsewhere. It is all here – wildlife, natural splendour, sacred places, fiery volcanoes, thrilling adventure, peaceful tranquillity

French Polynesia – A Guide to the Islands

Coconut palms gently nodding in the warm breeze, sparklingly clear turquoise lagoons lapping onto white sand beaches as soft as talcum powder and exotic blooms filling the air with their scent. These are the images most associate with the idyllic tropical islands of French Polynesia and quite right – all of this is here in

Best Destinations for Vegetarians

As a planet-wandering traveller you may have been practicing how to say ‘I am vegetarian’ in several languages but it serves little use if the country you are about to explore has no real concept of the term. Travelling for anyone can throw up a few hurdles to overcome but if you happen to be

10 Things to Pack for Vietnam

I recently visited Vietnam for 10 days, where my itinerary included Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An and Da Nang. There are a few items you should consider packing for your trip to Vietnam, and here are my top 10 recommendations for your packing list… 1) Sleeping Bag Liner Oh how I regret not packing my