REVIEW: Pyramid Trek Ultra Mosquito Repellent

Back in 2016, Pyramid introduced their Trek Ultra repellent (formerly Repel Ultra). This micro-encapsulated DEET formula provides the same long-lasting protection as their now withdrawn Trek 100 repellent (97% DEET), while using only a third of the DEET. I got the chance to put Trek Ultra to the test on a recent trip to Southeast […]

Best Mosquito Repellents for Travelling

We have one of the largest ranges of mosquito repellents for travelling, including DEET based and DEET-free repellents, but which one is right for you and your chosen destination? In this blog post we run through our 5 best mosquito repellents for travelling to help you choose the best repellent for your trip. Our Top […]

Changes to DEET Repellents Explained

If you’re a frequent traveller you’re probably already aware of DEET repellents and the different strengths available. However, there have been some changes to DEET repellents for 2017 due to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR 528/2012), which now means that certain once popular repellents have been withdrawn from the market. These changes have raised […]

How to Combat Bed Bugs

When you’re travelling around the world you’ll often find yourself sharing a dorm room with more than just backpackers. Yes, we’re talking about a room mate of the insect variety…the pesky bed bug! Renowned for it’s presence in hostel mattresses, these little critters can cause you pain and discomfort while you’re staying in hostels and other budget accommodation. What Do Bed Bugs […]