5 Must Have Travel Wash Accessories

Backpacking means travelling light, so there really isn’t room to pack all your toiletries & hygiene accessories from home when you’re heading off on your gap year! What if you’re unable to find shampoo and shower gel when you reach your destination? This is unlikely in most countries, but in remote areas you certainly won’t find the wash gear you need, so we’ve put together a list of our 5 must have travel wash accessories. Don’t leave for your trip without them!

travel wash accessories

1) Waterless Wash Kit

This one is ideal for anyone travelling to remote areas and for treks and other outdoor activities, where you may find yourself without clean running water for washing. The kit contains shampoo, conditioner & body wash which can simply be applied to your skin or hair, massaged in and towel dried off…without using water! It also includes toothbrushes with built in toothpaste & a pack of expanding wash wipes that can be used with the waterless body wash.

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2) Soap Leaves

Soap leaves are a great alternative to packing shower gel and they will also help you avoid any unpleasant leaks in your backpack. Soap leaves come in a compact plastic case, which fits in the palm of your hand to save you heaps of space in your backpack. You can also get laundry, shampoo and shaving leaves.

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3) Travel Clothes Line

This one may seem a little odd, but the more you wash your clothes when travelling, the less you’ll need to pack. Once you’ve washed your clothes, finding somewhere to hang them up to dry isn’t always easy. With a travel washing line you can hang them up pretty much anywhere, whether it’s between two bunk beds back at the hostel or between two trees in the wilderness! You don’t need pegs either, as they come with a twisted elastic design, which allows you to simply tuck your clothes in

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4) Travel Detergent

Another must have travel wash accessory is travel detergent. You only need to use a little bit due to it being concentrated and it’ll ensure your clothes get a good wash…a godsend when you’ve been wearing a t-shirt for a long day of travelling or exploring!

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5) Travel Towel

Last but certainly not least is the travel towel! Travel towels are essential for any traveller and definitely deserve a place in your travel wash kit. Most travel towels come in a smooth microfibre material, which is quick drying, absorbent and lightweight. The microfibre material also makes them much more compact compared to a standard towel you’d use at home. Get one with an anti-bacterial coating to keep odours and mould from developing when you haven’t had chance to wash or air it out for a while!

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