5 of the Best Money Belts for Travelling

They may not be the trendiest travel accessory, but money belts really are a traveller’s best friend. Especially if you’re travelling to pick-pocket hot spots. With so many different styles of money belt available, it can be hard to know which one to buy, so we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best money belts for travelling. There’s a money belt to suit every traveller, and people won’t even know you’re making the sensible choice as they can all be worn underneath your clothes!

1) Lifeventure Water-Resistant Money Belt

This money belt is particularly useful for travellers who are concerned about getting their money, tickets and other items wet, as it comes with a built-in water-resistant pocket. It also comes with an adjustable waist strap and has a soft lining on the back, which enables you to wear it against your skin comfortably. It’s big enough to store currency, tickets, a passport and other small valuables. The front pocket is great for storing keys!

lifeventure water resistant money belt

2) Pacsafe Slashproof Money Belt

Don’t be alarmed, but some pick-pockets have been known to slice through straps on bags and money belts in order to quickly and discreetly relieve you of them! However, Pacsafe’s slashproof money belt is designed to prevent this, with a special slash resistant belt to stop thieves from slyly cutting it off you. The money belt also comes with a moisture-proof lining and special press-stud zip securing design. It also has a breathable and odour-resistant lining, great for when you get a little hot and sticky!

slashproof money belt

3) Go Travel RFID Money Belt

A growing travel security concern is RFID theft, where thieves can obtain illegal RFID scanners and scan the embedded chips within passports and credit cards to obtain your personal data. This data can then be used to commit identity theft. Don’t worry though, as this money belt comes with a special RFID-blocking layer to prevent illegal scans of your data. It’s available in beige or black and is discreet when worn under your clothes. It also has a soft lining for comfort against your skin and features card slots inside the main compartment and has a small pocket on the front.

RFID money belt

4) Hidden Pocket Money Belt

A more stylish choice of money belt for travellers who don’t like the traditional style. This money belt looks just like a normal belt, but comes with the added bonus of a hidden pocket on the inside, which is big enough to store a few coins and notes for an emergency. Thieves won’t have a clue that you’re hiding money in this belt and it’ll help keep your jeans up too!

hidden pocket belt

5) Multi-Pocket RFID Money Belt

If you have lots of valuables that you want to keep close to you, this multi-pocket money belt is a great solution. With a plethora of storage pockets for your passport, cash, tickets and other items, this money belt will keep your stuff safe, out of sight and organised. Again, this money belt comes with an adjustable strap and soft lining to make it comfortable to wear against your skin. As well as masses of storage space, this money belt also benefits from RFID blocking internal pockets, adding to its security capabilities!

multi-pocket money belt

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