Best First Aid Kits for Travelling

A first aid kit is an essential for most travellers, appearing on almost every travel kit list you’re likely to come across when preparing for your trip. In this post we run through our 5 best first aid kits for travelling, helping you to decide which one is right for you and your style of travel. 1) Best […]

Travel Health Tips: Latin America

The bulk of land which makes up Mexico, Central and South America – known collectively as Latin America – is a vast collection of diverse countries, climates, environments and cultures which means the health considerations while travelling here are also incredibly diverse. There are a few common or recurring themes though which apply and some […]

Sterile Needle Kit Guide

When travelling to certain destinations around the world, we recommend packing a sterile needle kit. Sterile needle kits are designed to be used by trained medical professionals and should be on your packing list if you’re travelling to developing countries and remote areas. In these destinations sterile medical equipment may be hard to come by […]

Travel First Aid – What to Pack

Although you may not end up using the contents of your travel first aid kit, it’s still important to make sure you pack one, just in case you suffer cuts and scrapes and other minor injuries during your trip. For many destinations around the world you will find that a basic first aid kit containing […]