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A Guide to Mosquito Nets for Travelling

Mosquitoes present a whole host of problems for travellers, from painful and itchy bites to much more serious, life-threatening diseases. So whether you’re visiting a country with a high risk of Malaria or often find yourself the main course on an insect’s menu, ensuring you have taken steps to prevent bites and insect-borne disease is essential to keeping

How to Stay Healthy During your Gap Year

From bouts of Delhi Belly to painful and itchy mosquito bites, there are a number of risks to your health when you’re travelling around the world. By following some of our simple tips and advice, you should be able to ward off uncomfortable situations or more serious health problems during your gap year! When travelling

Deet Based Mosquito Repellents

For many destinations mosquito repellent is an important piece of your kit. Repellents can stop the irritation of bites and stings but more importantly it can protect you from blood borne diseases such as Malaria. With so many repellents on the market it’s dificult to know which one to choose. The majority contain the chemical deet