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Interrailing Around Europe – Guest Post

This is a guest post by student, Ben Fisher. Inter-rail seems like a rite of passage for anyone who likes to travel, and it seems like most students have spent at least a few weeks exploring the finer parts of Europe by rail, either on a gap year or in the summer break. It’s easy

What to Pack for Interrailing in Europe

Due to the increase in flight costs in recent years, many travellers are choosing to spend their gap year in Europe, and with the huge list of countries on the interrail route, travellers often find themselves spoilt for choice when selecting their next destination! If you’ve decided that interrailing sounds like a good fit for you, you’ll be wondering what

5 Reasons to Add Slovenia to Your Interrail Itinerary

When it comes to inter-rail itineraries tiny Slovenia is often over-looked, or simply used as an overnight pit-stop on the way to Zagreb or Budapest. After spending 4 days in this charming and unique country, I can safely say that Slovenia deserves more than a flying visit if you’re backpacking through Europe this summer. Slovenia is