Best Mosquito Repellents for Travelling

We have one of the largest ranges of mosquito repellents for travelling, including DEET based and DEET-free repellents, but which one is right for you and your chosen destination? In this blog post we run through our 5 best mosquito repellents for travelling to help you choose the best repellent for your trip.

Our Top 5 Mosquito Repellents

Active IngredientProtection Per ApplicationSizeType
Lifesystems Expedition 100
lifesystems expedition 100
95% DEET10 hours +50ml / 100mlSpray
Care Plus 50% Lotion
care plus 50% lotion
50% DEETUp to 10 hours50mlLotion
Pyramid Trek Sensitive
trek sensitive
20% micro-encapsulated SaltidinUp to 12 hours60ml / 100mlSpray
Pyramid Trek Ultra
trek ultra
30% micro-encapsulated DEETUp to 12 hours60ml / 100mlSpray
Lifesystems Expedition 50
lifesystems expedition 50
50% DEETUp to 10 hours25ml / 50ml / 100mlSpray

1) Lifesystems Expedition 100+

expedition 100 repellent

Lifesystems Expedition 100+ is Lifesystems’ maximum strength repellent, formulated for use in areas with a high risk of Malaria and other tropical diseases. With a 95% DEET formula this is the strongest mosquito repellent in our range and complies with the EU Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR), even though it contains more than 50% DEET.

This repellent is formulated in a way that is not prohibited by the new regulations, due to its combination of ingredients. As well as a high concentration of DEET, Lifesystems have also included natural pyrethroids which stop insects from biting if they manage to land on your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, we would recommend opting for a lower 50% concentration, as 95% DEET can be quite oily and may aggravate your skin. Generally speaking 50% DEET is tropical strength and suitable for use in most destinations, even those with a risk of tropical disease, but some travellers still prefer to take the strongest stuff available when travelling in high risk areas.

Best for: Malarial & high risk areas

2) Care Plus Anti-Insect 50% DEET Lotion

care plus lotion

Care Plus have been developing anti-insect and anti-tick products for over twenty years, and this Anti-Insect 50% DEET lotion is one of their strongest repellents. Aside from its powerful 50% DEET formula, this repellent comes in an easy application lotion, so less is wasted in the air compared to sprays. It’s also easier to apply to hard-to-reach areas.

Care Plus 50% DEET is considered tropical strength and suitable for use in most destinations, including areas with a risk of tropical disease. As well as providing effective and long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, the repellent also provides up to 5 hours protection against ticks that can cause lyme disease.

Best for: Easy application, tropical destinations & tick protection

3) Pyramid Trek Sensitive

trek sensitive

While DEET is the most popular type of mosquito repellent for travelling, there are also some effective natural and DEET-free options available…Which we’re sure is music to your ears if you have sensitive skin! Trek Sensitive contains the active ingredient, Saltidin, which is much kinder to your skin compared to DEET. What’s more, Trek 50 is clinically proven to be as effective as 50% strength DEET and has a slow-release formula for long-lasting protection. It’s also suitable for pregnant women.

Best for: Sensitive skin, long-lasting protection & pregnant women

4) Pyramid Trek Ultra

trek ultra

Trek Ultra is one of the most advanced repellents available, containing only 30% DEET but providing long-lasting protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. The DEET in this repellent is micro-encapsulated and is therefore released slowly over the period of wear. Due to its micro-encapsulated formula, Trek Ultra is durable in wear and is also sweat and splash resistant, with one application lasting up to 12 hours!

Pyramid claim this repellent gives the same long lasting protection as their now withdrawn Trek 100 repellent (97% DEET), using only a third of the DEET. As this repellent is suitable for use on children over the age of 2, it makes the perfect repellent for adventurous families travelling abroad.

Best for: Long-lasting protection, tropical destinations, families & adventure travel

5) Lifesystems Expedition 50+

Lifesystems expedition 50

Lifesystems’ most popular DEET repellent, containing 50% DEET with the addition of natural oils which act as a natural bite inhibitor. Lifesystems Expedition 50+ is classed their high strength repellent, suitable for use in countries and areas with a risk of tropical disease. The repellent provides up to 10 hours protection per application and is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes, as well as a smaller 25ml bottle for protection top-ups while you’re out exploring!

Best for: Most destinations, high strength & long-lasting protection

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