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5 of the Best Towels for Travelling

If you’re trying to decide which travel towel to buy for your gap year, you’ll probably find yourself faced with a wide range of options from suede-feel softfibre to microfibre towels that feel more like the ones you use at home…but which towel is the best option for you and your destination? We’ve put together a list of 5 of our favourite travel towels to help you decide which one to buy…

Trespass Bath Size Travel Towel

The most popular travel towel in our range, this bath sized towel is made from quick drying softfibre material, for a smooth texture against your skin. The towel comes with its own storage pouch, with mesh ventilation to aid drying and packs down to 21 x 15cm in size. It also comes with anti-bacterial protection and is a good price for its size.

Great for: Travellers on a budget

Trespass bath size travel towel

Trespass Bamboo Anti-Bacterial Towel

A great option for travellers who like all things natural! This travel towel is made from natural bamboo fibres, and has a similar feel to towels you would normally use at home. The bamboo fibres used to make this towel also provide natural anti-bacterial protection, great for preventing odours and mould developing during your trip. The towel is 60 x 120cm in size and comes with its own 22 x 16cm ventilated storage pouch.

Great for: Travellers who dislike the texture of softfibre towels


bamboo travel towel


Lifeventure XL Quick Dry Trek Towel

The best towel for lightweight backpacking, this towel comes in a generous 130 x 75cm size but still packs down to a tiny 14 x 10cm. It also sits somewhere in the middle of microfibre and softfibre materials in terms of texture, so it’s a happy medium if you can’t quite decide which material is best for you. The towel absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in water and has anti-bacterial protection.

Great for: Lightweight backpacking & Trekking

Lifeventure Trek Towel


Lifeventure Giant Flowers Travel Towel

The best travel towel for travellers looking for a stylish option, this floral world map patterned towel comes in a pink and purple colour, making it great for female travellers. It also comes in a giant size, which makes it ideal for trips to the beach, and it can even be used as a sarong! The towel is 150 x 100cm in size and benefits from permanent anti-bacterial protection to keep mould and odours at bay.

Great for: Fashion conscious travellers & trips to the beach


Lifeventure Giant Flowers Towel

Lifeventure Large Microfibre Trek Towel

This one is perfect if the idea of smooth textured softfibre towels makes you wince! It still packs down small, but has a similar feel to the towels you’d use at home. In addition to the soft touch texture, the Microfibre trek towel from Lifeventure is highly absorbent and comes with permanent anti-bacterial protection as well as a ventilated storage case. The towel  is 110 x 62cm in size and packs down to 16 x 11cm.

Great for: Travellers who dislike the texture of softfibre towels

Microfibre Trek Towel


These are just 5 of the travel towels available from our online store. For more information on these towels and to see other options available, check out our entire travel towel range.


By Rachel

Rachel has worked for the company for 9 years and as one of our buying team, has a wide knowledge of travel gear. She has travelled in Europe and Southeast Asia, but her dream destination would be South America to experience Carnival in Rio, unleash her inner Attenborough in the Galapagos and sip on Colombian coffee in colonial Cartagena.