USA Backpacking Guide

The USA is enormous. Cradled within its vast boundaries is every type of natural splendour and terrain possible – pristine wilderness, gleaming beaches, snow-topped mountains, other worldly deserts, spectacular natural features and formations, forests which stretch over areas as big as countries and a whole lot more. It is also home to some of the […]

A Guide to Travelling in Canada

Canada is a country impossible to sum up in a few sentences. For starters it is the second largest country on the planet after Russia; to give some idea of scale – it covers six time zones and it is actually a greater distance from its east to west coasts than it is from London […]

11 Reasons to Visit Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been a beloved darling of the traveller set for a long while now and for good reason. This tropical set of countries is often presented as the easiest place in the world to begin globe-trotting adventures for complete novices but the truth is it keeps veterans coming back time and time again […]

10 Reasons to Visit South America

Made up of 12 countries and some independent territories, South America is a land of incredible diversity. It can tell stories of ancient cultures and civilisations and offers the naturally magnificent on a scale found nowhere else on the planet. Its living culture is liberally sprinkled with incredible music, dance and a theme of carnivals […]

Cuba Travel Guide

Sitting between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands with its closest mainland points being Florida, U.S. and southern Mexico. Enjoying a hedonistic heyday in the early to mid decades of the 20th century, it was a playground for the glamorously rich and famous but after Castro’s revolution Cuba […]

Queensland Travel Guide

Let’s just get this out of the way first – Queensland is huge. As Australia’s second largest state it stretches 2609km/1621 miles from its northern extremity of Cape York to its southernmost point where it borders New South Wales. Its stunning coastline covers an area so enormous it is lapped by  not just one but […]

Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

With the capacity to empower and cleanse, travelling solo can also be a journey of self-discovery, a huge personal growth curve and otherwise a bundle of fun and adventure. Perhaps once it was true that many who travelled alone did so because it was that or nothing but these days many go solo through choice. […]

New Zealand – North Island Travel Guide

According to Maori legend the North Island of New Zealand is the fish which the Polynesian god Maui caught; the South Island was his canoe from which he caught it. Since the days from which those legends sprang this country has grown into one of those rare places on the planet which every kind of […]

10 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Made up of a predominantly Buddhist population, Sri Lanka sits in the Indian Ocean and despite being a tropical gem in every sense of the word is often overlooked as a destination. Too far from the most-trodden South-east Asia tourist trail to make it an easy inclusion, Sri Lanka is also distant enough from India […]

10 Things to Do in Panama

Of course there is the famous canal but Panama – Central America’s southernmost country – has rather more than that to offer its visitors; from the heights of 21st century living in the country’s capital, Panama City, to stepping back in time and into scenes normally only seen in castaway movies in the San Bas […]