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Caribee Wheeled Backpacks: Fast Track vs Skymaster

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is ‘What is the difference between the Caribee Fast Track and Caribee Sky Master?’. While both are top of the range wheeled backpacks for travelling, they have some key differences that set them apart. In this post we will discuss these differences and hopefully shed some light on this much asked question!


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Difference No.1 – Sizes Available

The Caribee Fast Track is available in 45, 75 & 85 litre sizes, whereas the Sky Master is available in 45, 70 & 80 litre sizes. Both the Fast Track 45 & Sky Master 45 come without a daypack and are designed for carry-on use. The larger models of both the Sky Master and Fast Track come with daypacks which contribute to the overall size (litres) of the bag.

Difference No.2 – Opening Style

While both backpacks have the suitcase style zip opening, the Sky Master has a full length zip for easier access and packing. This runs right to the base of the bag. The Fast Track’s zip opening runs to about 2/3 of the way down the bag.

Difference No.3 – Daypack Attachment

Both the Caribee Fast Track & Sky Master come with a detachable daypack, but each model has a different way of attaching the daypack to the main bag. The Fast Track’s daypack attaches with clips, but the Sky Master’s daypack zips to the main bag. The benefits of a clip on daypack is that it’s easier to attach when the main bag is packed to capacity, whereas a zip attachment would be more tricky and likely to buckle! However, many people prefer a zip on daypack as they feel this is more secure than clips. It’s all down to personal preference.

Difference No.4 – Back System

Both backpacks come with a padded back system, which also benefits from a zip up cover to prevent damage in transit. Both feature Caribee’s wheel covers (hidden in the hip belt) to protect your back from dirt and both come with a hip belt for added stability. The Sky Master has a Bio-form back system, which functions the same as the Fast Track back system. They both come with lumbar support, but the Sky Master back system has a longer lumbar section and also comes with more padding on the shoulder area.

Difference No.5 – Storage & Organisational Features

The Sky Master & Fast Track both offer plenty of options for storage and organisation of your luggage, with some slight differences. Here’s the breakdown of pockets and other organisation features included on each pack…

Fast Track:

Caribee Fast Track 75

  • 4 x internal organiser pockets – located on the inside of the front flap
  • Optional compartment divider between main compartment & base shoe compartment
  • Internal removable ‘compression’ wash bag included

Sky Master:

  • Daypack includes organiser panel with comms pocket for your phone, as well as 2 x external accessory pockets
  • Separate base compartment – no optional divider, but if you want to use the bag with just one large compartment the base compartment flattens.
  • 3 x internal organiser pockets – Large laundry pocket on the inside of the front flap & 2 x side mesh pockets

Difference No.6 – Colours

Perhaps one of the more obvious differences between the Caribee Sky Master & Caribee Fast Track is the choice of colours. While the Sky Master is only available in a black option, the Fast Track is available in two colours, black or navy.

So what do they have in common?

To state the obvious, both backpacks are wheeled and come with an extending tow handle. You get a padded zip-away shoulder harness on both backpacks and both come with a detachable daypack (both 15-28L in size, expands to 28 litres when removed from main bag). Here are some other similarities.

  • Hydration compatible daypack with 2 x external mesh bottle pocks
  • Daypack can be clipped to the front of the main harness for added security
  • Protective wheel covers located in the hip belt
  • Over-sized all-terrain wheels
  • Strong nylon construction
  • Interlocking zips on main bag & daypack