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11 Reasons to Visit Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been a beloved darling of the traveller set for a long while now and for good reason. This tropical set of countries is often presented as the easiest place in the world to begin globe-trotting adventures for complete novices but the truth is it keeps veterans coming back time and time again

A Guide to Travelling in the Philippines

Being a little removed from the usual Thailand/Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam Southeast Asia backpacking circuit, the Philippines often seem to get overlooked when planning gap year itineraries. However, if you happen to be in this corner of the world you really should think about making that little bit of extra effort to get to this country of more

Best Places to Travel in January

For most of us Northern Hemisphere folk, January is a time of dark skies, temperatures which require several layers of clothing and short daylight hours. Little wonder then that we all tend to dream of travel at this time. Generally speaking the best destinations are those which allow you to escape totally the monochrome colours