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10 Things to Pack for the Rio Olympics

If you’re travelling to Brazil for the Rio Olympics this summer, you may be wondering what sort of things you should be packing for your trip. While you’ve probably got an idea of the clothing you’ll be taking (havaianas at the ready!), there are a few Brazil travel essentials you may not have added to

Travel Packing List: South America

When it comes to planning your trip to South America, you’ve probably done your research on safety, vaccines, visas, flights and things to do…But what do you need to pack?! We’ve compiled a travel packing list for South America in this post, but as climates and conditions can vary throughout the continent we’ve left out

Top 10 Things to Do in Peru

If you’re planning a gap year in South America, Peru is most likely on your itinerary! The Republic of Peru, once the home of the ancient and powerful Inca Empire, is bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and other South American countries. Conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century, this land today is packed

Taking a Gap Year in South America

If you’re considering a gap year trip to South America let us say first and foremost – good choice! This is a land woven from fascinating cultures, both ancient and modern, into a rich tapestry positively dripping with colour and enchantment. This is a land crammed full to bursting with wonders both man-made and Mother

Top 10 Things to Do in Brazil

Brazil – the largest country in South America and arguably the one with the most fun potential thanks to its predisposition to party and annual stage for some of the biggest and craziest carnivals in the world. Throw into the mix glittering white-sand beaches, sensational samba, warm-hearted people, charming colonial towns and the vast and

Colombia Travel Guide

With South American destinations such as Brazil, Peru and Argentina on many gap year traveller’s itinerary’s, it can be easy to forget their sister to the north west of the continent, Colombia. Often overlooked in favour of the aforementioned countries, Colombia’s diversity and culture is not to be missed, with fascinating archaeological sites, tropical rainforests and arguably