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A Guide to Travelling in Ecuador

Tiny little tropical Ecuador is often used as little more than a hopping off point for the must-see (and Ecuador-owned) Galapagos Islands. Surrounded by Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina, most travellers tend to head to those more glamorous and well-documented destinations and bypass Ecuador completely, thinking that each of those countries has more to offer. […]

10 Bucket List Items & Where to Do Them

Call it what you will – bucket list, dreams to follow, wish-list, things I want to do before I die…We all have such a collection in one form or another. Some of us just mentally list them in our head, some of us cherish them in our hearts while some of us actually write them […]

9 Ways to Combat Getting Homesick

There are a million and one reasons why we want to get out there exploring the planet and so incredible are these journeys most of the time that the rough bits seem to get glossed over – and there are rough bits. One such pitfall is the homesickness bug which bites almost every traveller who […]

A Guide to Travelling in Nicaragua

A bit of a late comer to the backpackers’ Latin American circuit, Nicaragua is both Central America’s largest and poorest country. As new-kid-on-the-block it lacks some of the slick and well-established tourist infrastructure of other Central America destinations but it is this very fact – along with it being a budget-friendly destination – which acts […]

A Guide to Travelling in China

Dazzling, dizzying, dimensionally daunting and profoundly alien in every way – the People’s Republic of China can be a challenging destination for the traveller. It unquestionably has the capacity to bewilder and frustrate and comes packed with labyrinthine quirks but ultimately China never fails to enchant and thrill those who dare venture into this exotic […]

10 Things to Pack for the Rio Olympics

If you’re travelling to Brazil for the Rio Olympics this summer, you may be wondering what sort of things you should be packing for your trip. While you’ve probably got an idea of the clothing you’ll be taking (havaianas at the ready!), there are a few Brazil travel essentials you may not have added to […]

10 Things to Do in Laos

Land-locked and small, Laos often gets overlooked, surrounded as it is by its well-established tourist industry neighbours of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. However, Laos is packed with the fascinating and the spectacular, particularly for the traveller seeking an escape from the hordes and in search of the less-developed South East Asian experience. Dramatic limestone mountains, dense […]

How to Make Friends While Travelling

Every single person who sets out on solo travels for the first time has a moment – sometimes many moments – of wondering if they will be lonely…if they will manage to make any friends…of how on earth they will go about connecting with others when they are exploring the world alone. This super-common concern […]

A Guide to Travelling in Indonesia

The island nation of Indonesia is strung like a series of emerald-studded jewels from the southern tip of Malaysia and Singapore almost to the northern shores of Australia. Straddling the equator and surrounded by both Indian and Pacific Ocean, this giant archipelago consists of more than 13,000 islands – around 6,000 of which are inhabited. […]

10 Best Apps for Travellers

1) Duolingo Cost: Free Available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 and 10 Every traveller knows that a little local language mastery opens all kinds of doors that might otherwise remain closed while exploring the world. The fun and super well-designed language learning app known as Duolingo is an ideal way to shake the dust […]