Volunteering: Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary Project

A huge thanks to the team at Frontier for providing this blog post. Frontier are a non-profit conservation and development NGO, established back in 1989, providing a number of volunteer projects abroad. In this post they give us an inside look into their Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary Project… What Does the Project Involve? Conservation isn’t just…Continue readingVolunteering: Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary Project

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Taking a Gap Year in Africa

At risk of stating the obvious here we’d just like to point out something important – Africa is huge. This fact, combined with certain regions being off-limits for travellers, as well as the time, energy and (sometimes) expense needed to get around means that most backpackers pick just one region to explore. These tend to be,…Continue readingTaking a Gap Year in Africa

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A Guide to Choosing a Volunteer Project

Volunteering during your gap year is a great way to gain some valuable work and life experience, as well as immerse yourself in a different culture and help others less fortunate than you. Volunteering abroad looks good on your CV and it can be a life changing experience for both you and the people you…Continue readingA Guide to Choosing a Volunteer Project


5 of the Best Volunteer Projects for Animal Lovers

If you’re looking to do something worthwhile during your gap year and gain some valuable work and life experience, taking part in a volunteer project is a great option. There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities out there, from community work and childcare to teaching and medical care. In this week’s blog, we thought we’d focus…Continue reading5 of the Best Volunteer Projects for Animal Lovers

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Travel Tips for India

India is very much like Forest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. It is a country bursting with culture, kindness and natural beauty, however you must be willing to embrace this with a side of caution, as travellers can often be put off by noise, crowds, unwanted attention…Continue readingTravel Tips for India